Foreclosure service businesses are thriving, all over the country and are still in high demand. Most people are not aware of these very lucrative, recession- proof opportunities. It is very simple to start and operate your own foreclosure clean-out business with no start-up costs. In fact, you probably have most of the equipment and supplies, already. No advertising or marketing needed. We have all the contacts you'll need to get started, immediately and keep your business growing.

If you can do any of the three things below, you will be successful.

1. Trash-outs - Remove and haul away objects and trash left behind from previous residents.
2. General cleaning - Vacuum carpets; Mop hard floors; Wipe countertops; Clean bathrooms.
3. Lawn maintenance - Cut grass; Trim hedges; Sweep driveway and walkways.

Average pay for this is $900-$2100 per home, depending on condition and size of property.

Experienced contractors can increase their current business. There is a great demand for maintenance, repairs and complete rehab.

Lock changes
Window boarding
Pool repairs

Field Reps are also needed to perform inspections on foreclosed properties
Property condition reports and occupancy verifications are relatively easy and require digital photos of each property.

If you would like to get started with foreclosures, or increase your current business, we are offering all of our contacts. This includes the largest Asset Management Groups that handle foreclosed properties throughout the U.S.

Our contact list includes over 80 asset management and mortgage service companies, with direct web links to their online registration forms. As properties become available in your area, they can send work orders via email or phone.

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Direct links to over 80 Nat'l Foreclosure Service Companies looking to hire or subcontract.